Engagement is the Key to Great Management

In today's world, we most commonly hear the term engagement with social media. We talk of engaging our followers. Who and how many likes, comments, follows and shares become the focus of our online life, but engagement is so much more. Engagement is more than just how we interact online, and it is far more important to engage with the people and issues in front of us.

Every week I meet with business owners looking for ways to grow their business, solve performance issues and calm the whirlwind surrounding their lives. I have come to realize that the ability to accomplish goals is directly related to their ability to engage with the problem or issue. Many times I ask a question that points to a problem or a potential solution. The most common answers are primarily excuses, redirections, and continuing to re-describe and re-visit the problem. Instead of engaging the issue, we skirt around it and slide back into sameness.

Recently, I visited a business owner who had an issue related to the efficiency and accuracy of the output of his office staff. We identified the issue and had a short discussion of the what was happening. All of a sudden, he stopped talking and said, this is important. I need to get everyone involved in here with us. They all came in and he explained what we were trying to accomplish and asked that I review the framework for the solution on which we were working. This was an unusual discussion as there were very few excuses, just questions, suggestions and a few clarifications.

It became obvious that he and his staff were engaged with their business. They were comfortable discussing and no one was fighting for the status-quo. An issue was identified and it was going to be improved.

How do your team members react? How do your react? Do you hear excuses or suggestions? Can you take costructive criticism or do you just hear complaining? Is anyone focused on growing and getting better or are they just trying to get through the day?

Remember, engagement is more than social media, it's the key to great management and a sign of a great business owner!

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