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Over 15 years ago, everything started crashing down. I was so frustrated and so stressed that I was ready to quit or fire everyone. On the outside, everything looked great, but I was drowning. I didn't understand what was going on. I had experience. I had gone back to school and earned an MBA. What I thought was my golden ticket to business know-how, leadership, and success. While I am still proud of those accomplishments, they sure were not helping me now.

After another worthless meeting, my phone rings.  In a momentary loss of self-control, I hurl my phone at the wall and watch it shatter. This single moment shocked me into facing reality.

What was happening? Why was I so angry?

 I began to study the lives of the best individuals in business, government and thought leadership. After researching all I could discover from over 1,000 CEOs and other great leaders, I discovered a pattern that would not only guide me, but it also help those around me.

Could I become a more impactful and influential leader to the people around me?

Today, I help people disrupt their lives in a positive way using a teachable strategy that can help anyone transform themselves from being “just another boss” to becoming an “Impactful Leader.”

Outcome #1

  • Cast the Vision
  • Build Trust
  • Expand Influence
  • Grow the Team

Outcome #2

  • Higher Engagement
  • Increased Productivity
  • Personal Fufillment
  • Job Satisfaction

Outcome #3

  • Increased Revenue
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Metrics
  • Competitive Advantage

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