Your Team is Your Business

A couple of years ago, a viral video feud began two NBA basketball greats. Lebron James and Michael Jordan.  Lebron began to claim that he was the best of all-time and more of a dominant player than Michael Jordan. Jordan set the record straight in the video below.

Michael Jordan, for all his talent, needed a great team in order to dominate basketball in the 90's. The Chicago Bulls were that team.

Michael would drive to the basket, but the opposition had to worry about Scottie Pippen sinking those 3 pointers. Over the years, many great players filled this role, but Scottie was always there. A great player helping another achieve his goals and the goals of the team.

If you will remember, there were many games where Jordan didn't exactly light up the shooting percentage stats, but it didn't matter because Dennis Rodman had the rebound. Rebound after rebound after rebound. It was marvelous to watch. Jordan wouldn't have been Jordan without his teammates.

Likewise, you are judged by your team. The people you surround your self with on a daily basis.

Many years ago, I was taught that you should not be the smartest person in the room. If you are, you are in the wrong room. If you hired the people in the room, then it's your fault for not building the best team. You put the wrong people in the room.

Are you part of a Great Team?

Here are some questions you should ask?

  • Am I the smartest person in the room?
  • What is my area of personal weakness? Is there somebody in the room that makes up for my weakness?
  • Does my team challenge me and offer honest feedback; or do they just always look to me and agree with what I say?
  • Does my team follow my lead, but also help me lead?
  • Am I building a team of leaders, or a team of followers?
  • Does the team support each other and help everyone accomplish their goals?
  • In what area could the team be better?
  • What am I missing and who could fill this need?

If you own a business, make hiring decisions, or manage a group of people, you should concentrate on building a great team. You are known by the company you keep, and your business is known by it's people.

In your personal life, you also need a great team that will help you achieve your dreams. If the group of people around you are not supporting your goals or providing honest feedback, then you need to find a new group of people. Will the people you surround yourself with get you to where you want to go? Do you need to find new friends, new mentors and new places to “hangout?” Make those decisions now.

Be Like Mike!

Find a Great Team!

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