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Additional Meeting Planner Information

Thank you for reaching out about your next event. My contact information is below. 

I am very flexible in my presentation, and desire to work with you and your team to achieve the best long-term results for your organization. 

My fees are typically all-inclusive of meals, travel and local transportation. I can separate this fee out into separate categories should you need for budgetary purposes. I do book my own travel. I also typically arrive early the day prior to an event to mitigate travel delays in today's environment. 

To guarantee the best possible outcome for your organization, we will discuss the audience size, demographics, pain points, needs, and the outcome your organizations leadership desires from this event. The big question is what would you like the audience to know, feel, believe and do following this event for it to be a success?

I look forward to speaking with you.

Chris Moore
[email protected]
Office: (615) 212-8248